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Why Liquid Multivitamins are Superior
Why is Nutritional Absorption a Concern?

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Researchers meet to create new standard for measuring

Are the antioxidants in a bowl of blueberries stronger than those found in a plate of broccoli? Today, there's no real standard for measuring and describing the levels of antioxidants found in vitamins or foods, but researchers are working on a way to standardize both the measurements and the claims. If you enjoy this article, you may also be interested in an article entitled 'Potent antioxidant Astaxanthin shows promise as anti-inflammatory for arthritis, joint pain, back pain, muscle soreness and carpal tunnel syndrome.'


- An international gathering of researchers from 19 countries has agreed for the first time to establish uniform measurement standards for antioxidants.

- The decision could ultimately produce more reliable data for consumers, who face misleading claims about the amount and effect of these disease-fighting compounds in their food, health and beauty products, the researchers say.

- The historic three-day meeting, the First International Congress on Antioxidant Methods, was held June 16-18 in Orlando, Fla.

- The 144 scientists and experts from industry, academia and government who attended the meeting discussed the latest claims in antioxidant research and identified methods used to make these claims.

- Finley estimates that there are currently between 25 and 100 different methods used to measure antioxidants.


Absorption of Liquid Vitamins

"Liquids, aside from offering the obvious benefit of being easy to swallow, have another very important trait. According to the Physicians Desk Reference,

Liquid is absorbed at a 98% rate, versus

Only 10 – 20% in hard capsules or tablet forms.

This very important distinction is extraordinarily important. It is not uncommon to have [hard] capsules pass right through the body in a way that the product name is still visible after the pill has left the body completely. This does not happen with liquids, as they are absorbed completely and are not wasted."

The National Advisory Board states that:

'100 mg consumed in tablet form translates to a minute stabilized 8.3 mg or 8.3% concentrated in the blood.'

This is simply not the case with liquids!"

"Pills and capsules may cost less, but in reality you get far less absorption for your money. No wonder they cost less!

Liquids are fast--you do not even have to wait for them to dissolve. They start working as soon as you swallow and

Many have very pleasant flavors."


Why Liquid Multivitamins are Superior
Why is Nutritional Absorption a Concern?

Articles about Vitamins & Health

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