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Why Liquid Multivitamins are Superior
Why is Nutritional Absorption a Concern?

Articles about Vitamins & Health

Articles about Vitamins

Vitamins: health or hype?
Every morning at 5:30 a.m. Bob Miller wakes up and heads downstairs for the morning rituals. He lets the dog out, makes coffee, glances at the newspaper, and, as he has every day for the last two years, takes his vitamins--all 16 of them ... more

Vitamins & minerals - Wellness Ingredients Guide

Vitamins and minerals are essential for metabolic and physiological functions. They play roles in nutrient absorption, energy production and cell replication ... more

Vitamins add powerful punch to keep juice sales flowing
Plain old juice from concentrate just doesn't cut it with consumers anymore. Buyers are looking for healthy, 100% juice products, drinks fortified with extra vitamins and minerals ... more

The nutrients you need: how to boost your diet with key vitamins and minerals for women
As a sister who strives to eat her fruits and vegetables and who power-walks each day to stay fit, I never thought I'd be popping vitamin and mineral supplements ... more

Excellent source of vitamins A & D?
Maybe the reason why many fluid milk processors don't proudly state "Excellent Source of Vitamins A and D" on carton labels is because they fear being tested and found noncompliant ... more

Getting Your Vitamins
Experts recommend a boost in antioxidants, but they say it's not necessary to spend megabucks on megadoses of vitamins ... more

Can Vitamins help me live longer?
Without the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients our bodies fall into a degenerative state, also known as aging ... more

Niacin (vitamin B3) shown to boost levels of good cholesterol, regardless of statin drugs
What's really stupid about this news (see below) is that the positive health effects of the B vitamin have nothing at all to do with the statin drug. Doctors ... more

More women of childbearing age now take folic acid supplements
to prevent birth defects

To learn more on this topic, be sure to also read the related article, Doctors mislead the public with low-carb diet warning about folic acid ... more

Vitamin and mineral supplements slow weight gain in
middle-aged adults

To learn more on this topic, be sure to also read the related article, Vitamins are deadly! ...and other nonsense you will hear in the mainstream press... more

Low niacin intake causes Alzheimer's, research shows
If you want to support healthy cognitive function and avoid Alzheimer's disease, be sure to take your B vitamins, says new research. Study subjects with... more

Folate vitamin shown to reduce high blood pressure in women
Folate, a vitamin already known for its power to prevent birth defects, also appears to reduce the risk of high blood pressure in women young and old... more

Vitamins are deadly! ...and other nonsense you will hear in the mainstream press
A new wave of anti-vitamin hysteria is making waves in newspapers, magazines and news networks around the world. You have may have seen some of the headlines... more

U.S. RDA isn't enough: good nutrition is impossible without taking vitamin supplements
If you're not taking nutritional supplements or eating superfoods like chlorella and spirulina, there's no way you're getting adequate nutrition. Today's... more

Vitamins under attack by distorted research: attempts to discredit nutritional supplements continue
The mainstream press is awash in headlines claiming that vitamins are now suddenly bad for your heart. It's hogwash, of course. Their evidence? Certain... more

Vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements outlawed in Europe
The EU has declared war on nutritional supplements like vitamins and minerals. Their plan? To make sure people have to get their nutrients from pharmaceutical... more

Low vitamin intake makes chemotherapy side effects even worse
Chemotherapy is bad enough to begin with -- it's an entirely unproven therapy, with absolutely no scientific merit. It doesn't improve a person's lifespan... more

Vitamin makers sell candy multivitamins to children
How do you get a child to take their vitamins? Hide them in a sugary lollipop or gummi bear. As we're seeing in today's marketplace, more and more candy... more

Vitamin E scare study used synthetic, not natural vitamin E
Headlines are once again ablaze with the shocking news that taking vitamin E will kill you. Once again, the entire study was based on people taking synthetic...

Vitamins prevent birth defects, says research
This has been known for a long time, but it doesn't hurt to hear a reminder from time to time: vitamins prevent birth defects. Sadly, most expectant mothers... more

Researchers meet to create new standard for measuring antioxidants
Are the antioxidants in a bowl of blueberries stronger than those found in a plate of broccoli? Today, there's no real standard for measuring and describing... more

Can Vitamins and Soy Prevent Cancer?
Tens of millions of Americans are now working to prevent cancer by taking supplements and adding functional foods to their diets. $18 billion were spent... more

Taking vitamin C and vitamin E prevents metabolic damage associated with extreme exercise
It's good news about vitamins: if you're a marathoner or hitting the physical exercise hard, be sure to take vitamins C and E. New research shows that... more

FDA mandated folic acid supplementation in white flour prevents heart disease and strokes, but not intentionally
A new study has discovered that enriching white flour with folic acid appears to be responsible for reducing not only birth defects, but strokes, too... more

If vitamin C and vitamin E prevent Alzheimer's disease, imagine
the good that comes from eating chlorella

The benefits of vitamin C and vitamin E continue to mount: in this study, these two vitamins, when taken in combination, showed a protective effect... more

Different forms of Vitamin E have varied health effects on the human body
Researchers at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center have discovered that only one form of Vitamin E -- alpha-tocopherol -- appears... more


Absorption of Liquid Vitamins

"Liquids, aside from offering the obvious benefit of being easy to swallow, have another very important trait. According to the Physicians Desk Reference,

Liquid is absorbed at a 98% rate, versus

Only 10 – 20% in hard capsules or tablet forms.

This very important distinction is extraordinarily important. It is not uncommon to have [hard] capsules pass right through the body in a way that the product name is still visible after the pill has left the body completely. This does not happen with liquids, as they are absorbed completely and are not wasted."

The National Advisory Board states that:

'100 mg consumed in tablet form translates to a minute stabilized 8.3 mg or 8.3% concentrated in the blood.'

This is simply not the case with liquids!"

"Pills and capsules may cost less, but in reality you get far less absorption for your money. No wonder they cost less!

Liquids are fast--you do not even have to wait for them to dissolve. They start working as soon as you swallow and

Many have very pleasant flavors."


Why Liquid Multivitamins are Superior
Why is Nutritional Absorption a Concern?

Articles about Vitamins & Health

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